Malin Amplification has been building hand made, hand wired boutique vacuum tube amps for the past several years.  My goal is to build the finest sounding amplifier money can buy with an attention to detail and a personal touch.  When you order a Malin amplifier, there is no “off the shelf” involved.  Your amp is hand built specifically for you, and comes with my life-time warranty for the life of the original owner.

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With a Malin amplifier, the parts are hand selected.  Very specific brands of capacitors and resistors are used in certain tone-critical areas of the pre-amp and power-amp sections.  These are selected for tone as well as accuracy.


Each amplifier is “tone tweaked” to get that “bell like ping” from each note.  You won’t find this level of detail in an off-the-shelf name brand.  These are unique, individual instruments!


Boutique Vacuum Tube Guitar Amplifiers