The D-Type Preamp Pedal

The D-Type Preamp Pedal

“…the preamp sounded amazing. It’s like a work of art.” — Phil

I’ve had this idea for years – why mess around with solid state pedals if you can have your entire D tone stack, preamp and controls in a small package – all tube – all point to point!  The Malin D-Type Preamp Pedal is a fully hand wired point-to-point boutique preamp that embodies all the D-style tone, because it has all the real circuitry. Being hand build, each component is chosen, measured and correctly oriented and care is taken to route wires the way they should be in a D-style amp. 

“…Wow. The harmonics are stunning…” — D. K.

Just like any “ODS” style amp, the D-Type Preamp Pedal has the controls you’d expect.  Jazz/Rock, 3-way Bright Switch, Mid-Boost, and the full tone stack (Treb, Mid, Bass).  Pre-amp Volume and Master operate as they should, both in Clean or O/D settings, and the Overdrive “Drive” and “Level” controls are just as they should be.

“…an absolute home run as far as I’m concerned…” — Robert

The D-Type Preamp Pedal can be used in front of your favorite amp (or whatever they give you in the back line!) to give you the tone you’re used to anywhere.  It can also be used to drive the Power Amp In (Effects Loop Return) of any amp.  The D-Type Preamp Pedal takes other pedals well, and works well with your pedal board in front of it (just as you would the preamp section of your amp).  It is small, powerful and versatile, but most importantly, it IS a D-style circuit – no corners cut, no printed circuit boards, no wave soldered caps, no transistors, no op-amps – this is a real hand-wired point-to-point circuit in a small package!

  • Hand Wired Point to Point
  • All Tube – (two 12AX7 tubes)
  • Foot Switchable Clean and Overdrive
  • True Bypass
What is YOUR definition of “hand wired”?

Traveling? Take your tone with you – it will fit in your carry-on bag.  With the D-Type Preamp you can plug into any backline and have your signature “D” style tone!

Can’t have your amp on stage?  You can use the D-Type Preamp as a pedal, run the output to your off-stage amp, either into the instrument input or Effects Return (Power amp In) and have full control of the volume, tone and settings right at your feet!

Recording? Run the D-Type Preamp output into a power amp and your favorite impulse response box and you’ve got your entire rig! Fully responsive, fully tube.

Rehearsing? Don’t lug your entire rig across town to that rehearsal studio. Bring your D-Type Preamp Pedal along, plug into whatever they have in the studio and you still have YOUR sound!

Small Gig? Bring a small amp, plug the D-Type Preamp into the amp’s input and you have your full “D” style tone even in the smallest venue!

Small Venue? Bring your tone with you!

The D-Type Preamp Pedal is the future! No need to lug your full sized head, no more fretting about how the backline is going to kill your signature tone. Carry it in, plug it in and start playing!

What People Are Saying…

I received the following letter from the owner of Serial Number: 002. Here it is in its entirety. I couldn’t have summed it up better!!


A Little Perspective Goes a Long Way.
by Robert Francis Andreano

Pull quotes are fine. They serve a purpose, I suppose. “Blerb Speak is a very special sub-dialect of English…” that’s what author David Foster Wallace said. Of course Wallace went on to say “…that’s partly hyperbole but it’s also phrases that sound really good, and are very compelling in an advertorial sense, but if you think about them they’re literally meaningless.” In lieu of said blerb, I offer a simple commentary in an attempt to be, both, as thoughtful and as streamlined as the reasons I’ve arrived here.

Early HB-3 books on Leo and Don’s workbenches begat their simple amplifier designs, begat legions of inveterate electronics wizards refining a simple circuit in search of a singular pleasure: Tone. How a pile of potentiometers, capacitors, resisters, power supplies, sockets, tubes and wire could fill and inspire the minds of so many remains, to this day, something like a mass-miracle. And then there was Alexander.

It’s rather amazing that the beloved work of a single man has brought so many of us together. A simple, singing sound with as much harmonic complexness as the player intends and the sonic receiver wants to imbue it with. Me? Right place, right time, I guess.

As a teen I was (in hindsight) fortunate to, not only be inspired by players already utilizing the Genuine Article but, be in immediate proximity to hear what a then-small brotherhood of players already knew: The tones created by one man’s circuit refinements were the single-highest evolution of electric guitar amplification.

In 2004 I was fortunate to pick-up three amplifiers directly inspired by The Man himself. (A Bruno, a Fuchs, and a Two Rock… all from very early in their respective production lives.) In the years since I’ve had and sold others, played thru the Genuine Article, and, again, been fortunate to have friends kind enough to let me use/hear whatever has been the current flavor-of-the-moment pedal attempting to recreated the tone made by that most hallowed and sought-after of amplifiers. Which is to say, I’ve remained at the point I started from: The original three Alexander-centric amplifiers I purchased in 2004. Until now.

The Web’s a funny place. I dunno… maybe 99% of what you unintentionally lay your eyes on turns out to be rather worthless. In late 2018 I had the coincidental good fortune of laying my eyes on a post for what looked to be a bit of a mad scientist project. “Is that a complete D-style preamp section built into a Hammond box?!” Turned out that it was.

It looked fascinating. It looked meticulously assembled. It looked like someone’s Passion Project. Again… turned out that it was. I just happened to catch it in the process of being created by Malin Amplifier chief Mark Malin.

I sent a blind email introducing myself and inquiring if such a thing would be available for public consumption at any point… Sure enough when I received mine I immediately dialed-it-up thru the “amp in” on a combo. Then I put it thru its paces via a tube power amplifier. Then, of course, simply tried it thru another combo’s front-end.

Let me be perfectly clear: This is not another “D-in-a-box” pedal attempting to replicate The Man’s creations. This fully-realized preamp-disguised-as-a-pedal is – I submit for the first time ever – filled with all the complex harmonic bloom we – as a group of amplifier fans – have been looking for in this particular size. It’s not a success for Malin Amplifiers. It is a success for we the fans of that beloved work of a single man that has brought so many of us together. Dumble in a box? It’s here.
April, 2019
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~ Robert Francis Adreano, April 12, 2019

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