When you order your Malin amplifier, it is built custom for you and you alone!  Not “pulled off a shelf”. Your amplifier will be hand built, the parts will be hand selected and it will be tone tweaked until it is right.

Amplifiers : Contact me to place a deposit of 50%, let me know your color choices for Tolex and grille cloth and the build begins! Amplifier build time is approximately 5 weeks, and you can follow the progress on Instagram and Facebook.

Preamp Pedals : Malin all tube Preamp Pedals are hand built on a schedule.  Current build schedule is one pedal per month — to order, contact me to place a $180 deposit for the next available month!

All Malin amplifiers come stock with Mercury Magnetics transformers, and every Malin amplifier is warranted for the lifetime of the original owner, so you can buy with confidence.  With the tube Preamp Pedals, the warranty is 5 years, but who’s counting?  My goal is to keep your Malin gear up and running for as long as you own it!  I want to be your “amp guy” and would love to build you your dream amp!

Sweet Loraine:

50 W Head and Standard 1×12 Cabinet Together: $2800
50 W Head and Ryan Axtell Sig Cabinet Together: $2900
50 W Combo 1×12 style: $2600

50 W Head Alone: $2300

1×12 Sweet Loraine Cabinet: $900
2×12 Ryan Axtell Sig Cabinet*:  $1000
Speakers: Celestion G12-65

*Axtell Sig. cabinet uses 1 Celestion Blue and 1 Celestion G12H30

Bad Dog:

50 W Bad Dog combo:  $2800

Feral Cat AX30:

30/15 W Head and 1×12 Feral Cat Cabinet Together: $3400

30/15 W Head Alone: $2800

1×12 Feral Cat Cabinet: $800
Speakers: Ememence Legend

D-Type Preamp Pedal:

Pedal and power cord: $799
(see notes above for build schedule)

Malin Amplification offers a 10% discount for non-profits
Ask us about our Artist Endorsement program!

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