The Sweet Loraine

The Sweet Loraine is my tribute to a legendary American West Coast amp builder and that signature tone you can only get from his amplifiers!  Sweet Loraine is a Class AB amp which features a foot switchable all-tube overdrive circuit and “boost”.  An incredibly versatile amplifier, the Sweet Loraine is fully configurable.  Looking for that creamy Santana infinite sustain?  Loraine can do it.  Looking for Carlton Jazz/Rock fusion?  Ford Rock/Blues?  Sweet Loraine can deliver that, too!  (Please check out the Audio Clips page for a couple demos.)

  • 50 Watts
  • Head/Cabinet or Combo formats
  • Class AB push-pull power amp
  • Effects Loop
  • Adjustable output impedance
  • Master volume (for those late night inspiration sessions!)
  • Foot switch included
  • Tone f-o-r-e-v-e-r!

Ryan Axtell Signature.20     board - inside 6.22

The Bad Dog


This is one little combo who’s bark is every bit as big as his bite!  The Bad Dog is a single channel all tube amp, from the rectifier to the class AB push-pull power tubes.  Features reverb, a master volume for those late night sessions, bright switch and a switchable all-tube overdrive stage.  Looking for SRV Texas blues?  This amp will nail it!  Everything from warm jazz to blues to Allman Brothers style sustain.  This is one killer amp!  With a Les Paul this thing will absolutely sing!  With a Strat, it honks like the best of them.  Speaker is a single 12″ Eminence Legend to match tone and power tubes!  And did I mention the KT-66 power tubes?  The heart of the tone is in the matched pair of KT-66’s.  They provide that much more low end growl than your typical 6L6’s.

  • Available in 50 Watts (KT-66’s)
  • Combo format
  • Class AB push-pull power amp
  • Full tube analog spring-type Reverb
  • Adjustable output impedance
  • Footswitchable D’style O/D
  • Master volume (for those late night inspiration sessions!)


The AX30 “Feral Cat”

IMG_2316NEW!!  This is the latest Malin amplifier.  You think your cat is bad?  Well this one is feral!  The Feral Cat is a 30 Watt Class A British style amp featuring a matched EL84 quad with dual channels, master volume, a half power switch and a custom “master in/out” switch.  The Feral Cat comes stock with Mercury Magnetics transformers for ultimate tone and reliability.  Here are the stats:

  • 30 Watts of pure Class A power!
  • Two channels, normal and bright boost
  • Head/Cabinet format
  • Master Volume (switchable)
  • Half power switch (30 Watt/15 Watt)
  • Treble, Bass and Cut controls
  • Multiple tap output transformer (4, 8 and 16 Ohms)
  • The kind of tone and quality you only find in a Malin amplifier!IMG_2321

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