This is the latest Malin amplifier.  You think your cat is bad?  Well this one is feral!  The Feral Cat is a 30 Watt Class A British style amp featuring a matched EL84 quad with dual channels, master volume, a half power switch and a custom “master in/out” switch.  The Feral Cat comes stock with Mercury Magnetics transformers for ultimate tone and reliability.  Here are the stats:

  • 30 Watts of pure Class A power!
  • Two channels, normal and bright boost
  • Head/Cabinet format
  • Master Volume (switchable)
  • Half power switch (30 Watt/15 Watt)
  • Treble, Bass and Cut controls
  • Multiple tap output transformer (4, 8 and 16 Ohms)
  • The kind of tone and quality you only find in a Malin amplifier!

Feral Cat AX30 30/15 Watt:

  • 30/15 W Head and 1×12 Matching Cabinet: $5200
  • 30/15 W Head Alone: $4800

Speaker: Single Eminence Legend