The Sweet Loraine is my tribute to a legendary American West Coast amp builder and that signature tone you can only get from his amplifiers!  Sweet Loraine is a Class AB amp which features a foot switchable all-tube overdrive circuit and “boost”.  An incredibly versatile amplifier, the Sweet Loraine is fully configurable.  Looking for that creamy Santana infinite sustain? Loraine can do it.  Looking for Carlton Jazz/Rock fusion?  Ford Rock/Blues?  Sweet Loraine can deliver that, too!  (Please

  • 50 Watts
  • Head/Cabinet or Combo formats
  • Class AB push-pull power amp
  • Effects Loop
  • Adjustable output impedance
  • Master volume (for those late night inspiration sessions!)
  • Foot switch included
  • Tone f-o-r-e-v-e-r!

Sweet Loraine 50 Watt:

  • Head and 1×12 Matching Cabinet: $5000
  • Combo 1×12 style: $4900
  • Head Alone: $4500

Speaker: Celestion G12-65 or Eminence EVM12L