M-Type Preamp

What if you could fit an entire hand-wired plexi, JMP or JCM preamp into your carry-on luggage, plug it in to any backline they give you and have the legendary British tube tone anywhere you go? Not transistorized, “simulated” M-tone. The read deal!! Enter the Malin M-Type Preamp Pedal. The M-Type Preamp Pedal is not an overdrive pedal, it’s not an effect, it is a fully hand-wired point to point M-style preamp in a small package! No corners cut, no printed circuit boards, but the real deal, from the correct components down to the plate voltages – this is the real deal. Plug in to the front end of any amp, or the power amp input (effects loop return) and you have historic British M tone!

  • Hand Wired Point to Point
  • All Tube – (two 12AX7 tubes)
  • 3 Gain Voicings. Classic, Vintage and Modern

M-Type Preamp Pedal:

  • Pedal and power cord : $1295.00 + shipping

Note: at this time only 120 V/60Hz US spec is available



As a young guitarist in the 70’s, the iconic “Marshall Sound” left a lasting impression on me.  There was nothing like it – the dynamics, the overtones, the smooth punchy drive, the gain and sweet feedback.  When I set out to design the Malin M-Type Preamp Pedal, the tone and feel of those memories is what I was going for.  But not just to fake some kind of “drive” or “distortion” using transistors and op amps, my goal was the real thing.  Plug into any amp, tube or solid state, and you have THAT SOUND!

The Malin M-Type Preamp Pedal (and the Malin D-Type, for that matter) is a paradigm shift.  It’s not about driving the signal hard going into your amp to overdrive your amplifier’s input, it’s not about adding “distortion” to your guitar signal to somehow “mimic” what a real amplifier does.  All of the magic, all of the tone, the dynamics and feel are inside the M-Type.  You dial in the Output Level to a level similar to what your guitar signal would be and let your amplifier control how loud you want it to be.  Bedroom levels?  Sure!  Just turn your amp down.  Live stage volumes?  Turn your amp up!  The Malin M-Type Preamp Pedal has all the magic, no matter what you plug it in to.